Roof Rafters are up!

Not only did we finish and lift the fourth and final wall into place but we dove into the roof framing last weekend and brought our house skeleton to completion. Each of our fourteen 2” x 6” rafters were cut to 8’-2” and installed to sit on top of our single top plate at 2 feet on center. We also added blocking in between each rafter to prevent the tendency to overturn as well as increase rigidity. This 5 1/2” linear surface above our top plate is composed of rafter ends and blocking and is flush with the exterior surface of our wall framing. This will allow us to run our glued and screwed plywood sheathing up the surface of our walls and right over the end condition of our roof system and really secure it to our wall framing and act as integrated hurricane strapping. You may notice that the front of our roof rafters align flush with our front (windward) wall. This is because we intend to “wrap” our metal roofing down the front wall to become siding and reduce any type of overhang or eave that would allow the wind to put unnecessary uplift forces on the roof and structure during transportation. Here are a few photos and videos of the last two weekends working on SHED. We even got to finally start playing with our new quadcopter that Samantha’s family got us for Christmas and I’m sure they are anxiously waiting to see the unique ways we can use it for videography and photography!

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