Construction Photos & Videos

Video Gallery (Photo Gallery Below)

Video 1 Tasks: Leveling the trailer and placing the sill gasket. Framing the floor and sheathing the undercarriage of the floor system.

Video 2 Tasks: Flashing and flipping the floor system. Placing and bolting the floor into the trailer. filling the floor with insulation and covering it with sub flooring.

Video 3 Tasks: 2×3 advanced framing.

Video 4 Tasks: Loft Beam construction and installation.

Video 5a Tasks: D.I.Y.  C.I. panel lamination

Video 5b Tasks: Installing C.I. panel sheathing.

Video 6 Tasks: Installing building wrap.

Video 7 Tasks: Installing windows.

Video 8 Tasks: Installing metal roofing.

Video 9 Tasks: Installing reclaimed siding

Video 10 Tasks: Installing the shower unit

Video 11 Tasks: Installing the finished floor

Video 12 Tasks: Painting the tiny house

Video 13 Tasks: Assembling kitchen cabinets

Video 14 Tasks: Packing the gear room for the first time

Video 15 Tasks: moving in!

Photo Gallery