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  1. Your video only shows you used L brackets on one side and that you didn’t sandwich the vertical stud between the joists. Could you clarify how this was done?a

    • That is correct, once diving into the actual construction after detailing the design two things happened, the local store was out of t-brackets when we wanted to purchase more and we decided to shift or beam alignment to match up with the windows better and create a more even o.c. layout to not over span the plywood above so on one or two of them we used the closest thing we could find at the time (‘L’ bracket) and aligned it on one side of the stud rather than sandwiching the stud in between. While this wasn’t the strongest moment connection we had in the other beams its vertical loading is still adequately supported with sistered studs and header style blocking (depending on location).

      • When you did sandwhich the vertical studs between the joists, what did you affix the 2×4 lumber block (the one between the joists) to on the opposite end of the bolt? Example:

      • It is also glued in between the beam/joists to keep it in place in addition to the bolt compressing the assembly together. The blocking is mostly aesthetic and also makes trimming your interior paneling around the beam easier rather than having to deal with a void in between beams/joists.

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