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The parking turn out was crowded, especially for a Tuesday. The late morning sun was awakening a gathering of rubber tramps that had descended on this location to celebrate the waning days of summer, undeterred by the hefty fine placed on those caught overnight camping here. They began to emerge from an eccentric assortment of vehicles as well as the tall grasses that lined the steep cliffs into the reservoir. The view was quite beautiful, but that is not what brought them here. We pushed passed the concern of an equally over-occupied hot spring and continued on a dirt path into the forest. The water seeped into the top pool at 110 degrees and cascaded down hill through a series of 6 pools, progressively decreasing in temperature, and largely un-occupied. We choose a pool mid way through this cascading procession and soaked away time in the geothermal waters of the Oregon forest. Oregon, August 2016

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