#lesshousemoreadventure: Childhood Unplugged

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Ten years ago Samantha and I left Buffalo, NY and started driving West in a tiny Honda Civic. We had carved out a month of time to see as much of the West as we could on an overly ambitious 10,000 mile road trip that we captured and shared in the video below.


Shortly after returning I wrote: ‘There may not be a more personally powerful and meaningful collection of images than the ones in this video. It has very little to do with the actual images and everything to do with the experiences, the feelings and the memories on a trip that was almost a rebellious execution of a dream during the most vulnerable time in my life, which it altered in the best way possible.’

It will always be one of the greatest highlights of my life and we evolved from a couple of kids in search of adventure into soulmates in a matter of weeks. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

By coincidence we found ourselves retracing a portion of that trip along nearly all of Oregon’s coastline on the 10 year anniversary of our first road epic. The nostalgia was palpable and I felt a decade younger.

If you would have asked that 21 year old on the road trip of a lifetime where I thought I’d be in ten years, this trip embodies the answer I’m sure I wanted to give; still road tripping hard down 101 in an overpacked, undersized vehicle with that same woman and our beautiful new addition, Aubrin Sage.

I consider us the luckiest, most wealthy people in the world and I’d be lying if I pretended that our decision to build and live in a tiny house didn’t contribute greatly to these opportunities.

The following is a collection of images from our time on the road, in the forest, atop mountains and along the coast over the last week. And if you haven’t been following our TINY HOUSE INSTAGRAM or TRAVEL INSTAGRAM there is a compilation of video clips we have been sharing at the end of this blog post.

1,221 miles in 7 days and a summers worth of incredible memories. #lesshousemoreadventure











…and yea we paid another visit to that road side sign a decade later.


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