Did you know that you are reading the 12th best tiny house blog on the planet? That’s what THIS ARTICLE claims anyways, which uses data metrics we don’t understand.

You’re response to this claim is probably either ‘I believe that, you guys earned it!’ or you’ve already left in search of greener grass in the eleven blogs that are ranked above us. 😂

This acknowledgement does come as a surprise to a couple hobby bloggers who started this open source digital project as a way to share our progress with friends and family on the other side of the country. If you’ve noticed that we recently made the decision to turned on advertisements it is because we ran out of storage space and had to move to the ‘professional business’  wordpress package which comes with a $300.00 per year fee. While we enjoy sharing this information freely, it is a bit harder to justify actually spending money to keep the blog going so hopefully the addition of these ads can offset the cost of the website hosting fee.

Anyways, we are posting this not to gloat but to share a rather comprehensive list of tiny house resources, sixty websites long! There is months and years of information and inspiration to digest from all of these resources so be sure to book mark THIS LIST OF TINY HOUSE WEBSITES.


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