A [not tiny] Christmas tree story.

SnapseedIt was a splendid afternoon exploring the forest with friends under new snowfall in search of this years Christmas tree. Not to be outdone by last year, we did it once again; we returned from our annual pilgrimage with a tree that won’t even fit in our tiny house! But just like LAST YEAR it has found the perfect spot outside, right in front of our big living room window, complete with bird friendly ‘ornaments’ made from pine cones smothered in peanut butter and rolled in bird seed.







SnapseedIf you want to learn more about how this annual tradition helps the National Forest Service and improves forest health check out THIS POST from last year in which we speak more in-depth about the process, rules and reasoning. It also has an awesome video of the birds enjoying the outdoor ‘ornaments’ we create!☺



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  1. It’s beautiful! My brother did something similar for us last year by setting up a tree along the walkway between our little house and my parents’ house next door. There’s something particularly breathtaking about having a Christmas tree outdoors.


  2. Agree with Diane! Besides, having a tree indoors not only takes up room, they dry out quickly (even when watered daily) and become a huge fire hazard. With small children around, it also means watching constantly so they don’t get injured by pulling the tree onto themselves or breaking glass ornaments, etc., etc. Outdoor trees with edible ornaments is a great idea! One word of caution though… if you decide to feed birds in the fall or even as late as Christmas/winter, PLEASE continue doing so until spring. Oftentimes birds stick around because of your provided food source. Then if you stop after cold sets in, they have nothing to eat and either have to find another source immediately or starve. Also, there are websites available that will tell you what birds are native to your area and what kind of seeds (or other things) they look for as a food source so you can supply food for the kinds of birds you want to attract. Merry Christmas, everyone! (Birds included!)


  3. Love this idea as much was last year but wonder how u managed to keep the squirrels at bay! We have to fight to keep them from everything we put outside!

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