VIDEO: A d.i.y. Tiny House Build: IN MOTION

It has been a nostalgic couple of weeks digging through the incredible amount of video documentation we recorded while building our tiny house on wheels and compiling it into this film. This video is composed of hundreds of video clips, many of which are actually thousands of individual photographs compressed into a time-lapse presentation of our entire construction process from start to finish.

For those of you new to us and our project, we designed and built this 204 square foot tiny house on wheels weekend to weekend, paycheck to paycheck over the course of 14 months. After checking out this video we highly recommend you head over to our FINISHED PHOTO gallery which is a great starting point to see our [tiny]home and follow a plethora of links to pertinent information about its design and construction.We have also embedded our tiny house video tour below for those who have not seen it yet!

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  1. One word: Wow! Inspiring stuff! I plan to buy your e-book and am also in WA state – wondering if you registered the completed build with WA state and how that went? (Self-certify under ANSI 119.2 I assume)?

  2. How much does your house weigh and what size of truck do you use to tow it? Your house design is my favorite out of all the tiny homes I’ve seen.

    • It weights just under 10k and while it got pulled around the far with an f150 just fine we moved it with a f250. We don’t actually own a tow vehicle, we reach out to friends if/when we need to move.

  3. Love it! I especially like how your space can be easily adapted to fit in another tiny roommate:) Do you own the land? Where/how do you find a construction space? We are from California.

    • Thanks! We do not own the land, we are parked on a friends property, he lives in the main house a few hundred feet away. We just asked around and talked about our plans to build until a friend overheard and said he has some extra space in a barn on his farm that we could use.

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