You may remember that our tiny house was a contender in the 2016 Tiny House of the year contest last month. We had asked for your help turning this dream of ours into an award winning one, and we are here to report the final results after these showed up in our mailbox today!

It was a competitive field of mostly professionally built tiny homes in which we entered eight of the twelve categories, winning FOUR of them and being the ‘first runner-up’ in all of the remaining categories we entered.

So…that’s like four first places and four second places in the 2016 Tiny House of the Year contest; you guys ROCK! We really appreciate everyone who took a minute to vote for SHED and are honored to come in second for ‘Overall Tiny House of the Year’ which was awarded to the equally awesome home of Ms. Gypsy Soul, which you’ve probably seen before, including on HGTV’s tiny house big living!

image         image

image          image

In case you wanted to peruse our category specific entries we have linked to them below:

Tiny house of the year: 2nd place

Best interior design: 1st place

Best front door: 1st place

Best kitchen: 2nd place

Best bathroom: 2nd place

Best stairs: 1st place

Best storage feature: 2nd place

Best use of reclaimed materials: 1st place

What a pleasant way to end an amazing first year of living tiny; a wild twelve month journey that we will re-cap in a new blog post on our official one year anniversary this weekend!

You can head over to TINY HOUSE OF THE YEAR to check out the full contest recap and prepare to enter your own tiny house into the 2017 tiny house of the year contest starting in February! Thanks again to Michael Janzen  for hosting this friendly contest and providing the oh-so appropriately sized 3D-printed trophies!…and in case you were wondering just how tiny these appropriately sized trophies are….celebratory beer and bottle cap for scale 🙂



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  1. Congratulations guys! I have checked many THOWs and your’s is my favourite. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Congratulations! Well merited especially considering the awe inspiring documentation (videos, instructional books, etc) process in tandem with the build process. Genuinely very, very inspirational.
    A testament to the possibilities resulting from hard work and ingenuity. Cheers.

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