Week one in 204 square feet.

How was our first night you ask?

Well…it involved feverishly cleaning our old apartment until 11 pm (thank you everyone that came and helped!) and then migrating to SHED and cramming all of our crap everywhere and trying to sleep as our cat needed to sniff every square inch, explore every nook and cranny and parkour off of every new ledge and object ALL night while the barns resident screech owls simultaneously made sure I did not sleep.

Ok, so that doesn’t sound like a very promising start, but it would be hard to assume the process of fitting two peoples lives into 204 square feet over night is a seamless process and if a crappy nights sleep was the worst experience of our transition than I would say we did pretty well!


SHED is unfinished (and thus still being worked on each evening after work).

It does not have running water yet and is still inside the large old barn that we started constructing it in 14 months ago.

We do not have wifi and can barely get a cell signal.

There are two large barn owls that sometimes sit on the rafters and peers into our main window.

There are also a few rather vocal western screech owls roosting in the rafters above our home whose sleep schedule is the opposite of ours.

We are known to show up to super bowl parties at a friends’ house with laundry in hand and we sneak showers at half time. Meanwhile our shower stall at home has made a nice storage closet.

Despite all of this, it has been such an interesting and memorable and exciting experience to officially move into our self-designed and self-built THOW. It is hard to feel anything but appreciative that we are warm and can refrigerate and cook food and watch movies and work on the computer and plan our upcoming adventures and play with our cat and drink wine and have visitors and use the composting toilet effortlessly and…and…and…

I guess it just feels like ‘life as usual’ which is a great thing, considering we were not aiming to turn our lives upside down by any means. We still get woken up before our alarm goes off by our cat who wants to be fed. We still get out of bed and make coffee in the morning, now with a slightly trickier commute to the kitchen; The stairs are perfectly manageable until our cat runs between our legs on the way down. We still hurry out of the house each morning on our way to our ‘normal’ jobs, currently with a longer but more beautiful commute towards the illuminated western foothills with Mt Rainier in the back ground. We still can lay on the couch and watch a movie and I still fall asleep at the very beginning. We still load up the car and head to the mountains on the weekends and return to a cozy warm house, with a little less room to dry out our snowboard clothes. We even shot a couple clips of us spending time in some of our favorite places of the side country and trees of our local mountain and put that video at the bottom of this post!

At the end of the day, we are just thankful to have completed yet another incredible adventure of building our own home with all of our fingers intact and no major injuries and the opportunity to continue living our lives exploring the Pacific North West and beyond based out of our small sustainable, efficient base camp known as SHED.

Below you will find a bunch of random photos taken throughout the week. Now that the camera is basically with-in reach no matter where we are in the house, there has been a dramatic increase in cat photos…you’ve been warned. 🙂

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  1. I love the narrative and I love the photos of your first week in your tiny house and I love every single picture with your cat, LOL! yes I am a crazy cat lady myself. Thanks for sharing

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