Can You Paint a Tiny House with Just Paint Samples?


No, you can not, but I did find that recent assumption by a friend of ours entertaining. We have put 3 coats on the ceiling and 2 on the walls which required 4 gallons in order to have some left over to finish the bathroom and gear room and for touch-ups in the future. We have installed the trim around the windows and it awaits a finish coat of paint and caulked joints. Yes we Have a TV now, but trying to catch a signal inside a metal wrapped Tiny House inside a metal clad barn is often more work than we have patience for, only to have it flicker in and out based on the location of humans and metal ladders inside the space. We have started to build out the shelving under the TV and installed a laminated (from left over) walnut floating shelf above the TV, as well as two barely visible  power through turnbuckle anchors above that shelf. A detail photo of the cable anchors can be seen in the gallery below and shows a little more about how they will be the wall termination point for our main space cable lights.

It has been fun making aesthetic progress t our main living space over the last few weeks but our sites will soon be turned to the essential tasks of:

-Plumbing: This includes installing a water inlet and then plumbing that water to and through the on-demand hot water heater to the bathroom sink, shower, and all the way through the house to the kitchen sink.

-Electric: After installing the power plug-in we need to wire that to the breaker box and connect all of our rough-ends to the breaker box. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Breakers are EXPENSIVE!

-Propane: This has to be piped to the on-demand hot water heater and all the way through the house to the stove.

-Mini-Split: We have to devise some sort of custom bracket mount off the tongue of our trailer to hold the exterior condenser unit and then connect the charged refrigerant line and other installation necessities to the interior air handling unit located above the bathroom door.

You know where to find us…Nose to the grindstone!






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  1. Hey! Obviously this was a little time ago, but do you recall what product was used to blend the seams between the plywood panels? I like the idea but am curious how to do so without cracking. Thanks!

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