Recent Acquisitions

In between work days we have been making some purchases that we want to catch you up on. Boy the price of a tiny house can really start to increase based on your decisions at this stage!

Bathroom sink & faucet: Minimal depth IKEA bathroom Sink with low flow IKEA Faucet. 12” deep (front to back) and 24” wide.

Bathroom Sink & Faucet

Bathroom medicine cabinet: This IKEA 24” wide by 30” tall two door medicine cabinet matches the width of our sink and has a slick 24” LED strip light integrated into each side of the mirror for efficient and well situated lighting at the sink.

Bathroom mirror with storage and built in LED strips

Shower enclosure: 32”x32” single piece shower enclosure. Even after stepping down from a 36” x36” enclosure it seemed larger than expected once we put it in place.

Shower Unit in place

Kitchen sink &faucet: Large stainless IKEA steel basin sink and IKEA Faucet. This is a rather large sink (as requested by Samantha) that I was able to justify by purchasing the additional sit on top cutting board that covers about 70 percent of the basin, converting it into usable space that would otherwise take up more of our limited counter space. It also has a colander/mini dish drying basket that can sit in place as well.

Kitchen Sink & Accessories

Indoor pocket door: Feather River full [frosted] light pocket door slab and Pocket door frame (not pictured). This is the one interior door in our entire house and leads into the bathroom. We decided to choose a door with glass in it as a way to allow more natural light into the bathroom by allowing the plentiful light in the main space to infiltrate through the doors frosted glass in addition to the bathroom window with obscured glass. The door came primed and will be painted a color that has yet to be decided.

Interior Pocket Door

Front door: Jeldwen 32” full light door with internal retractable blinds. This is a pricey feature but seemed like a great addition to have a single unit function as a door and a large window with the ability for integrated privacy blinds. This door came primed and will be painted whatever color we choose for our metal roofing.

Front Entry Door w/ Internal Retractable Blinds

Gear shed door: Jeldwen standard steel door. This door also came primed and will be painted whatever color we choose for our metal roofing.

Gear Storage Door

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  1. Personally would not have bothered with a bathroom sink & saved the space and weight, how far away is the other sink? On the other hand the kitchen sink was a very wise decision. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to wash pots, plates etc in a sub-sized sink. Wastes a lot of water too.

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