A big floor plan for our small space.


The Yakima Maker Space is an energetic center of creativity and ingenuity here in our community and we found a fun way to use the space yesterday by taping a full scale floor plan on the floor. After a week of sketching on graph paper, the ability to see and walk through our proposed life size floor plan was a really helpful exercise.

Some notes about our current layout:

We want to have actual stairs to the loft rather than having to climb up and down a ladder every day, plus they will double as storage (underneath) for our clothes and other things. Because we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, love to cook and intend to have full appliances we have provided for a large kitchen that is similarly laid out to our small but very functional kitchen in our current apartment. A fixed peninsula that aligns with the edge of the loft will have storage below and function as our most important multi-use surface above. It will be used for meal prep, dining room table, office desk, social surface, etc… We will custom build a24” x 80” “couch” that is situated directly under a large picture window and provide storage below. A full size 3’ glass door will double as our entry and another large window and we also plan to have a full 3’x3’ shower in the bathroom, although seeing how much space this occupies in our full size floor plan was the biggest surprise.­

All in all though, our “tiny home” felt rather big, and the excitement is building!


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