Here We Go…

Words I have uttered on more than one occasion and always associated with a feeling of uncertainty offset with blind confidence that anything is possible and things always work themselves out in the end. A few hours ago we got off the phone with a guy named Rob. Rob lives in Portland and works for Iron Eagle Trailers. What quite possibly was the easiest and most expensive part of this project is now over, and in three weeks time we will be driving to Portland to pick up our newly manufactured foundation on wheels. We are officially committed.

The idea of building a “Tiny Home” crossed our minds this summer and was followed by a flurry of excitement, design sketches and “research” composed mainly of photo browsing cute miniaturized everything. After discussing the pros and cons with each other we tentatively made a pact that this was a project we wanted to take on.

With hopes of finding a used trailer for under $1500.00 we let a few months slip by while “keeping an eye out” and checking craigslist. The combination of a lackluster effort (disclaimer: we are super busy!) and the thought of a sub-par foundation for our future home led us to look into new trailers. A reoccurring price tag of around $3700.00 for a new trailer certainly made us reevaluate how committed we were to this project. It is intimidating to be faced with the highest priced item of a project you know very little about before even having a design.

It was during this period of peak uncertainty that we made the 6 hour trip to Boise Idaho on little more than an e-mail from a woman named Macy Miller. You may not recognize her name, but you probably recognize her home as she has become a leading voice for the tiny home movement and documentation of her beautiful [tiny]home can seemingly be found in any book, website or article involving this movement. See for yourself at When we learned about a tiny home enthusiast meet-up in a city we had never been to we jumped at the opportunity and found ourselves excitedly inspecting a partially finished tiny home being constructed in Ryan’s small fenced in back yard. Conversations with Ryan, Jesse (who builds and sells tiny homes professionally) and Macy were very informative and truly inspirational and we made the return trip home with a renewed energy and confidence in our ability to design and build a sub-200 square foot fully functional and comfortable home that can withstand hurricane and earthquake forces at the same time (We are not really looking forward to the first time this project will have to hit the open road).

Oh, and Boise is beautiful. “Tell all your friends that Idaho sucks,” they said.

No can do. It is a REALLY great city.


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