SHED is LIVE on Airbnb!

A lot of things have happened in the last two weeks pertaining to SHED.

Steve and Kassie have moved on down the road after spending a month in our tiny house, a new longer term renter found us despite not looking for one and we’ve decided to do a last minute AIRBNB LIMITED RELEASE for the next three months only!


A few weeks back, Samantha was part of the interview and hiring process for a new Nurse Practitioner at her clinic and next thing we know she asked if she could rent our tiny house when she moves out here and we agreed to host a new Yakima Valley Medical Professional for an indefinite amount of time starting in August.

Knowing that SHED will be put to its best use possible (full time living) while helping out a new friend moving to Yakima was a great development, especially because the idea of putting our tiny house on Airbnb was easily the scariest part of this entire five year journey.

It was just so much easier to know that SHED will be occupied and loved full time, especially in the slower winter months. It was also something the land owner, Graham, was more comfortable with and we intended on moving SHED before putting it on Airbnb, a process that is a bit more complex and daunting than many probably assume just because it’s on wheels.

But then in passing, Graham (the property owner) made a comment about doing an airBNB test run in the upcoming months before it is rented long term…

‘Who knows, maybe it will be awesome and we’ll meet some cool people or maybe it’ll be a disaster from the beginning’ he said with a ‘you’ll never know if you don’t try’ mentality. So with the land owner encouraging us how could we say ‘no’?  Unlike most of our past pursuits we have undergone, we have NO idea what we are doing with this Airbnb thing. All we know is that we have a vision for our tiny house to continue to inspire and we have to start somewhere.

And then while still filling out the listing information people began booking weekends at SHED and we hadn’t even had the chance to announce it was available. No turning back now! All we can do is focus on getting SHED in tip-top shape and curating the best experience possible! Snapseed

This is a really cool opportunity to share our home with guests in the exact location that we have lived for over three years. What it may lack in spectacular airbnb amenities it makes up for in authentic tiny house experience, quirks, composting toilet, discrete location and all. Consider your visit a case study in tiny house living 101.

You can check out the AIRBNB LINK HERE to read the description of the property and space that many of you are pretty well acquainted with but there is two things we plan to do that will make your visit to SHED a little more unique.

  1. We do intend to put SHED back on Airbnb after our long term renter is finished and it will likely be in a new location. The idea that a person could rent our tiny house two different times in two completely different locations is a unique and potentially first of its kind idea to Airbnb that comes with its own challenges. After talking with Airbnb they told us that if we did that we would have to remove the SHED listing completely and then re-list it with its new address, causing us to lose all of our review history.
  2. We are just as passionate about where we live as we are about tiny houses so we want to take this opportunity to share both with you, with intentions of helping curate your Yakima Valley experience as much as your tiny house experience. We have a few ideas about how to achieve a truly personalized visit thanks to our time visiting some amazing and unique including California’s RE:treat by Super host Vanessa and Idaho’s Crystal Peak Lookout by super host Kristie.

Imagine an Airbnb that comes with a mission; if you choose to accept it.

Imagine an Airbnb that instigates an unexpected experience.

Imagine having answered a few survey questions that your host sent you prior to your arrival and find two inflatable inner tubes and a map to the put in and take out locations for a Yakima River float.

What if a hosts local suggestions were not only tailored to your interests but also accounted for the weather forecast or particular events that were happening that day.

This is the type of personal, tailored, up to date suggestions we want to provide our guests to make their visit to the Yakima Valley as memorable as possible.

I’m not sure how obtainable our vision is and I know we won’t be able to do everything we want for all of our guests and that this is a potentially exhausting model as life is hectic and we travel and have our hands full with our new house remodel and a toddler but this is the type of hosting experience we dream of and when we see an opportunity to better your experience we certainly will. In case you forgot, we once secretively and anonymously sent our friends on a multi-day, multi-state scavenger hunt that ended at a Pacific North West fire lookout where we were waiting with a bonfire, keg and food…so don’t under estimate us! 🙂

We hope to create a memorable experience, and that stretches far beyond the 204 square feet contained with-in SHED tiny house. Our approach is based off of our days as hosts on the website in which we let people from all over the world sleep in our house. Sure couch surfing offers a free place to stay but the real value in that type of travel is getting the locals perspective of your new surroundings from your host. We have spent the last 7 years exploring the nooks and crannies around here and look forward to sharing some local knowledge about where we live and love.

We invite you to come on over, SHED the superfluous and chase the important things. Let us help you make some new and spontaneous memories.  Share the listing with your tiny house friends and snag a date before its gone and over!

If you are a first time Airbnb user, follow THIS INVITE LINK to sign up and get $40.00 off your stay with us (or any other first time stay)!

In order to get into the groove of hosting and get some reviews under our belt we want you to visit in May!  Book any 2+ weekdays (Sunday night included) in May and we are going to make you an offer you (hopefully) can not refuse…

Just visit our Airbnb listing and ‘contact host’ with your selected dates and the phrase ‘spring escape.’ We’ll respond with a special offer of $58.00 per night that you’ll have 24 hours to confirm or deny.

In the mean time we’ll just be over here learning how to use Airbnb and putting the final touches on: the house, the arrival process, the house manual, the composting toilet directions, the trouble shooting guide, the property map, the backyard set up, the coffee package, the survey, and a few other things reserved just for our guests… 🙂





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