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It’s been almost four months since our MINI-SPLIT DISASTER and we’ve been staring at the gaping hole next to the new unit since then, trying to figure out the best way to ‘patch’ it.

The thought of cobbing in a small piece of wood, trying to hide the seams and painting it to match the rest of the wall was the only thing we could think of until we stumbled upon this RECLAIM ARBOR product that had us thinking at a larger scale.

The thought of all that patch work just to try and make it look like nothing happened seemed like a lot less fun than taking this setback as an opportunity to make a statement and do something new so that is exactly what we decided to do; a reclaimed wood feature wall.

Why Reclaim Arbor?

A reclaimed wood feature wall in this location wasn’t very practical for a variety of reasons until we discovered Reclaim Arbor.

1. Sourcing and potentially milling quality reclaimed boards for a project like this can be difficult and time consuming. We have 10 month old daughter and a year full of adventures planned so opting out of the ‘dirty’ work and having it show up at our [tiny] house ready to go sounded like a great plan.

2. Both of the locations we are adding the material to have sensitive things on the opposite side of the thin wall plywood (in-wall pocket door and Shower stall) making the use of fasteners (nails/screws) ill-advised. Reclaim Arbor panels are peel & stick!

3. Like many tiny houses, weight is an issue so the light weight sub-quarter inch Reclaim Arbor panels are a much better option than the traditionally heavier and thicker boards.

4. We thought it was a nice gesture to plant a tree for every box sold.

We chose their ‘slate’ option and got one 20sf box of 3″ panels and one 20sf box of 5″ panels for this project. After building our entire tiny house we had begun to believe that a result beautiful enough to satisfy our perfectionist tendencies had to come with a lot of work and inevitable frustration but this project proved that not to always be the case.

In the course of a couple hours we were able to finish the entire project; a feat that could have been done in even less time had we not decided to video the build and chase a 10 month old baby around!

The wood panels can be cut like any other piece of wood and then it’s as simple as peel and stick to achieve your desired result! [It is worth noting that they can also be scored and cut with a utility blade if you do not have miter saw]

We have included plenty more photos of the beautiful finished product below but we don’t want you to miss out on a free giveaway opportunity!

We shared the project with Reclaim Arbor and they thought the application of their product in a tiny house was such a perfect fit they’re offering up a five box giveaway to one of our followers! The winner will get to choose five boxes [100sf] of panels to transform your own space with! ENTER HERE with your e-mail address and Reclaim Arbor will announce ¬†a random winner in one week (March 29th)!








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