It’s happening! Our 145 page e-book is getting a lengthy appendix that will draw from our two years of full time living in our tiny house.

“BUILT WITH OUR HANDS” currently addresses our inspirations for going tiny and the design and construction of our home in a way that makes much of the information applicable to any tiny house design/build. But on January 31 (our two year anniversary of living tiny) we will be releasing the 2nd edition that addresses the final pieces to our story, including:

  1. What it has been like living full time in 204 sf.
  2. What it has been like starting a family in a tiny house and how have we/will we accommodate the baby.
  3. Our favorite (and least favorite) things about our home and living tiny.
  4. What we have learned and what would we do differently.
  5. With a ton of beautiful photos of course and bits of information and inspiration we think you will find value in!

TIME SENSITIVE DISCOUNT: Use code “GOTINY2018′ before Midnight on December 31 to snag our e-book AND upcoming appendix for $10.00! (33% off current price) Everyone who has purchased our E-book before the 2nd edition release date (January 31) will receive a FREE download link for the new book and bi-pass the price increase that reflects the new information, lessons learned over the last two years and time it has taken to compile all of this new content into a presentable package that nearly doubles the length of the current 145 page book.  Below are a couple example page spreads from the upcoming appendix and the bottom of this blog post shares a bit more about the current content of “BUILT WITH OUR HANDS: a d.i.y. Tiny house memoir” For those that are just learning that we share our experience in an e-book!

sample page 12sample page 14sample page 13sample page 15sample page 16sample page 17

Original E-book content + description:


“A comprehensive and candid look at one couples journey through the design and construction of their 24’ modern tiny house. Having minimal construction experience, a desire to learn and a passion for adventure, the nurse and architect team of Samantha and Robert share the successes and failures experienced during their 18 month do-it-yourself endeavor aptly referred to as, SHED.

Using meticulous photographic documentation and authentic musings the reader is privy to every step of the design+build process and are introduced to the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of their more unique decisions, including the implementation of continuous exterior insulation on a 2×3 structure and giving up 24 square feet of living space for a ‘gear room.’

Robert and Samantha will walk you through the intricate process and shed light on their own inspirations and motivations that have led to a vibrant existence living full time in their 204 square foot tiny house on wheels in Washington state. They continue to share their version of the ‘tiny life’ through an adventurous perspective on SHEDsistence.com.”

sample page 1

sample page 11

sample page 2

sample page 3

sample page 5sample page 4

sample page 10sample page 7IMG_6572



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