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Our story has attracted plenty of interesting opportunities, like being apart of a sweet TINY HOUSE GRAPHIC, having tens of millions of people watch our 8 minute CONSTRUCTION VIDEO, and even having international guests fly in to photograph and interview us for an upcoming book on alternative lifestyles. But this is the first time a company has reached out and said, we dare you to brew beer in your tiny space.

Now this would not be our fist time trying to make beer. In fact 5 years ago we MOVED TO THE  YAKIMA VALLEY of Washington state; a beautiful area that happens to produce more hops than anywhere else in the world, including 75% of our nations hop supply. Living here makes you really appreciate beer and we quickly had an interest in trying to make our own. We connected with our friends that started YAKIMA VALLEY HOPS AND HOMEBREW SUPPLIES and before we knew it we had the whole kit-and-kaboodle required for all grain brewing. We lugged 5 gallon carboys and a d.i.y. mash tun and huge boil pot and bottles and buckets up to our small second floor apartment and got to work creating 4 or 5 masterpieces. It was fun, it really was, but it required a bunch of stuff and or apartment was only 665 sf.


And then one day while we were in the other room, the syphon hose fell out of a carboy when we were racking and nearly five gallons of fermenting beer flooded the kitchen of our upstairs apartment. That ended up being the last time we tried to make beer.

To add insult to injury, weeks after selling our brew equipment we noticed a grimy film on our kitchen ceiling from hours and hours of boiling wort with inadequate range hood exhaust. It hadn’t looked bad when glancing at it, but after rubbing a spot of dirt that revealed a brighter streak of what the ceiling color was supposed to be it was clear that we had some cleaning to do.

So yea, when Craft-a-brew reached out and wondered if we wanted to brew beer in our tiny house I almost didn’t respond. Our previous experience made their inquiry seem satirical but they explained that they had developed brewing kits that required no experience and they believed they would be perfect for small spaces. If we could successfully use their brew kit in our tiny house then it could presumably be used almost anywhere.




Considering we like beer AND like making things, we decided to give it a go and are glad we did. It is like a science project for adults! The kit includes MOST of what you need and the brew process is explained in a step by step, easy to follow format. We will let the photos and video show the process and add a few worth while notes below. The end result was a surprisingly good beer, and that’s not just the alcohol talking. 🙂 Too bad we only have nine more left…





You will need to have/acquire:

• a large brew pot

• portable water + ice

• bottles (and caps/capper if you don’t use the grolsch style pop top bottles)

It is also worth noting that the process takes a month from start to finish. A few hours on brew day followed by two weeks of fermentation and two weeks of bottle conditioning. Yeast work their butts off but these things still take time, as all good things in life do! If your interested in trying this out in your home they have a lot of beer style options on CRAFTABREW.COM or you can head over to our INSTAGRAM where we are doing a 24 hour flash giveaway with the winner announced Monday (December 18th) at 7 pm.




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